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Release or trade 3rd string (RB) Khiry Robinson or (RB) Edwin Baker, and (RB) Tim Hightower in exchange for ex. Co-Caption PT 23! Thomas is a must to re obtain for a shot at leasing the Lombardi Trophy again. Drew Brees will continue to be the Saints' leader with winning, Pierre Thomas could also be obtained again. New Orleans retained a Superbowl hero in Robert Meachem two consecutive years. They should do it again with Thomas, "because of the importance he served then and the importance he could serve again." If Drew Brees were to ever purchase a $100,000 Rolex for any player as a gift, it would be for his "Right-Hand man Pierre Thomas!" "Then maybe Tracy Porter too!"


What does a Drew Brees offense gain and lose in their offensive transitions? Just about 50/50. 

The Negatives:

#1 The big hit was losing Pierre Thomas, (a must to resign him) while he is still available. Thomas is "Saint 4 life" and "his loyalty" is shown by not showing any interest in playing for any other team but his team! What the public does not know is, teams have reached out, but Thomas is declining any and every offer. He plays for 1 team, he may even retire before he wears a rival (enemy) helmet.

#2 They lose a great hands receiver in Jimmy Graham. His play style in football is at an excelled level, he's playing 100% every game. Graham adds an intimidating posture about himself to mentally and physically weaken a rival's morale with dominating strength. 

#3 Not much will be affected by trading Kenny Stills, the next man up in (Joe Morgan) to fill the void.

The Positives: 

They still have an excelled receiving core in "all-time great" Marques Colston, Nick Toon, and 2014 top draft pick (Brandon Cook,) with Joe Morgan filling in the 4th spot on the depth chart. Also starting TE Benjamin Watson and Josh Hill will cover in Jimmy Graham's absence. With an extreme rising number of professional athletes performing at excelled levels in football and other sports. There's a time when all players become expendable and will be replaced. So when a team loses a great player to whatever reason in NFL bargaining. "The the next man up!"

In the game of football there's players awaiting a chance to play for a serious Superbowl contender, some never get close, some get a few playoff wins in their career stint but never the big one. 

Now for the running game

New Orleans run attack looks magisterial! With Mark Ingram tagged as the Saints #1 RB, he is their "uphill power-back now!" New Orleans will execute C.J. Spiller on "toss-out" and "bubble screen" passes. Bring PT 23 for that backup RB, and several deception plays.

Getting Max Unger in the deal was a good move in the direction of attack the Saints are seeking, a powerful run game! With Unger a mid sized 6'5" 305 pound (Center) he fits the role perfectly, his speed and size is ideal for his fitting position. His role in New Orleans will be the exact same as with Seattle. Two specific plays will be ordered (Max Run-Block) for clear out purposes, and (Max Protect) playing as a personal bodyguard on pass plays for Drew Brees. 

With Max Unger playing direct center on a Saints I-Formation power run, with Mark Ingram as the (Deep Back) awaiting the ball, with Erik Lorig set to "bulldoze" anything in his path. So having Max Unger plowing the first level, then bringing in Lorig to "clean house" on the second blow, that finally gives Ingram a path of 6-8 yards a play. Can you imagine the ground dominance New Orleans can produce, thus taking some pressure off of Drew Brees' shoulders. In that case, first down will be more feasible than expected. With teams honoring Brees' passing capabilities, easy yards will be earned. Think about if Deuce McAllister ran behind Terrelle Smith with Max Unger at the first level.

"It's like having two fullbacks! "

The (C) position could be argued by some to be the most important position out of all 11 players. The (Center) handles the football first creating a level of credence, that puts a team at full mercy on entrusting that the job is completed each play to avoid any wrongful errors. Every player has a discipline, for Max Unger it is football security, then plow or protect after Drew Brees gets the ball.

The Saint's Best

The Saint's offensive statistics were incredible, better than the rest of the league. They were ranked #1 overall. It's evident the offense is explosive and will persevere as the NFL best again with a few fine tune adjustments. New Orleans is in their last rebuilding mode playing around Drew Brees. Accompanying Brees from jump street in 06, just Marques Colston, Jahri Evans, and Thomas Morestead remain.

 The only focus is addressing the defensive side "immensely." The Saints need players on defense that want to hit and tackle and be a specialist at it. New Orleans lack of defense resulted in the 2nd worst record in the league. The primary cause was "NON TACKLING!" Why does it appear that opposition RBs seem to have "career record breaking" days playing the Saints. Too many times we see RBs running for big yards, that is absolutely unacceptable. That's why it's imperative to stiffen the defense!

When draft day comes, we shall see what direction New Orleans OFFENSIVE/DEFENSIVE ratio goes. Signs are indicating the Saints will cater more on the defensive aspect, focusing on young athletic players to play backup for the 1st level of infiltrators. To provide a consistent level of pressure each and every time to sack or disrupt the quarterback for positive results.

New Orleans will be a serious contender next year! By dominating on offense and defense. 

Please Commissioner Roger Goodell lets have NEW ENGLAND HOST NEW ORLEANS IN THIS SEASON'S OPENER!


"The Definition of Effort"

I remember Saint (Soldier) Chris Reis, and that ever so famous effort he made on recovering the onside kick in the big Superbowl win. When the kick went down, Chris must have said , "If Hank Baskett doesn't expect it, I will crash into that mix and get that ball." Which he did, after Baskett muffed the kick, he crashed in and got ahold of the ball and the battle began. It must have been an "all out war" under the pileup once the rest of the Saints and Colts joined in. For Reis, it must have appeared to be a 45 minute ordeal. It was like he was battling a lion "make it 2 lions." He would have torn a bicep from grasping the ball so excessively, by fighting several Colts trying to strip the ball free from him. When he came up from the pileup with the ball, he had a distraught look of war on his face, "a war that he did indeed win." His hair was "shocked" like lightning hit him, his gasping for breath was like he was under water for an hour. Reis appeared to stagger a little as if a "freight train hit him," but in the end he "held on!" "Respect to Chris Reis, a true Saint Soldier."

 "This is the true meaning of Effort!"


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