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Release or trade 3rd string RB Khiry Robinson, or Edwin Baker and Tim Hightower in exchange for ex. Co-Caption PT 23! Thomas is a must to re obtain for a shot at leasing the Lombardi Trophy again. Drew Brees will continue to be the Saints' leader with winning, Pierre Thomas could also be obtained again. New Orleans retained a Superbowl hero in Robert Meachem two consecutive year's. They should do it again with Thomas, because of the importance he served then and the importance he could serve again. If Drew Brees were to ever purchase a $100,000 Rolex for any player as a gift, it would be for his Right-Hand man Pierre Thomas! Then maybe Tracy Porter!

What does a Drew Brees offense gain and lose in their offensive transitions? Just about 50/50. 

The Negatives:

#1 The big hit was losing Pierre Thomas, (a must to resign him) while he is still available. Thomas is Saint 4 life and his loyalty is shown by not showing any interest in playing for any other team but his team! What the public does not know is, teams have reached out, but Thomas is declining any and every offer. He plays for 1 team, he may even retire before he wears a rival (enemy) helmet.

#2 They lose a great hands receiver in Jimmy Graham. His play style in football is at an excelled level, he's playing 100% every game. The Saints will lose a big body receiver with great hands and an intimidating posture about himself to mentally and physically weaken a rival's morale with dominating strength. 

#3 Not much will be affected by trading Kenny Stills, the next man up in (Joe Morgan) to fill the void.

The Positives: 

They still have an excelled receiving core in all time great Marques Colston, Nick Toon, and 2014 top draft pick Brandon Cook, with Joe Morgan filling in the 4th spot on the depth chart. Also starting TE Benjamin Watson and Josh Hill will cover in Jimmy Graham's absence. With an extreme rising number of professional athlete's performing at excelled levels in football and other sports. There's a time when all player's become expendable and will be replaced. So when a team loses a great player to whatever reason in NFL bargaining. Then the next man up! 

In the game of football there are player's awaiting a chance to play for a serious Superbowl contender, some player's never get close, some get a few playoff wins in their career stint but never the big one. 

Now for the running game.

New Orleans run attack looks magisterial! With Mark Ingram tagged as the Saints #1 RB, he is their uphill power-back now! New Orleans will execute C.J. Spiller on "toss-out" and "bubble screen" passes. Bring PT 23 for that backup RB, and several deception plays.

Getting Max Unger in the deal was a good move in the direction of attack the Saint's are seeking, a powerful run game! With Unger a mid sized 6'5" 305 pound (Center) he fits the role perfectly, his speed and size is ideal for his fitting position. His role in New Orleans will be the exact same as with Seattle. Two specific plays will be ordered (Max Run Block) for clear out purposes, and (Max Protect) playing as a personal bodyguard on pass plays for Drew Brees. 

With Max Unger playing direct center on a Saints I-Formation power run. Mark Ingram will be the deep back awaiting the ball, with Erik Lorig set to bulldoze anything in his path. So having Max Unger plowing the first level, then bringing in Lorig to clean house on the second blow, that finally gives Ingram a path of 6-8 yards a play. Can you imagine the ground dominance New Orleans can produce, thus taking some pressure off of Drew Brees' shoulders. In that case, first down will be more feasible than expected. With teams honoring Brees' passing capabilities, easy yards will be earned. Think about if Deuce McAllister ran behind Terrelle Smith with Max Unger at the first level.
It's like having two fullbacks! 

The (C) position could be argued by some to be the most important position out of all 11 player's. The (Center) handles the football first creating a level of credence, that puts a team at full mercy on entrusting that the job is completed each play to avoid any wrongful errors. Every player has a discipline, for Max Unger it is football security, then plow or protect after Drew Brees gets the ball.
The Saint's offensive statistics were incredible, better than the rest of the league. They were ranked #1 overall. It's evident the offense is explosive and will persevere as the NFL best again with a few fine tune adjustments. New Orleans is in their last rebuilding mode playing around Drew Brees. Accompanying Brees from jump street in 06, just Marques Colston, Jahri Evans, and Thomas Morestead remain.

 The only focus is addressing the defensive side immensely. The Saints need player's on defense that want to hit and tackle and be a specialist at it. New Orleans lack of defense resulted in the 2nd worst record in the league. The primary cause was (NON TACKLING)! Why does it appears opposition RB seem to have career record breaking days playing the Saints. Too many times we see RB running for big yards, that is absolutely unacceptable. That's why it's imperative to stiffen the defense!

When draft day comes, we shall see what direction New Orleans OFFENSIVE/DEFENSIVE ratio goes. Signs are indicating the Saints will cater more on the defensive aspect, focusing on young athletic players to play backup for the 1st level of infiltrators. To provide a consistent level of pressure each and every time to sack or disrupt the quarterback for positive results.

New Orleans will be a serious contender next year! By dominating on offense and defense. 

Please Commissioner Roger Goodell lets have NEW ENGLAND HOST NEW ORLEANS IN THIS SEASON'S OPENER!


The talk of the town (NFL world) is, would about those Saints! What can the leagues #2 offense do given the cards that are dealt now. New Orleans are once again that explosive high power offense. They're runner-ups only to the #1 offense (Steelers) which they beat in week 13. So head to head the Saints run the NFL in offense. 

Their previous defensive stats don't show the greatest, but looking forward and forgetting all negatives those stats become irrelevant. With all the positive aspects of prestigious Saint wins, coming by beating the Packers and Steelers. The defense was a strong part of that winning success. When the final playoff listings are proven after 2 weeks, then the elite 12 best will be left standing strong for final elimination rounds. Those two team's one in the AFC (Steelers) and one in the NFC (Packers) New Orleans beat, by way of defense! It is proven, if the best offense in football gets the necessary help from defensive, then beware and be afraid! 

Be very afraid of the Saints! Because the Saints could sweep house, now that they've made some crucial defensive changes to their game plan, all teams should take heed, that New Orleans mean business. With the next encounter playing Atlanta and projected game comparisons of team equalities. Some analysts and predictors say it will be close, but not this time!  

 Drew Brees will carve up the secondary directly in the middle-right 14-17 yards a play. With more opportunities for Brees because of great defensive stance getting the ball back, they could lay up numbers. If New Orleans defense hold Matt Ryan's offense to a 4/8 scoring ration, then job well done. Preferably holding them to punts early, so Drew Brees and Saint weapons can score quickly and compound points early to demoralize Atlanta more and more with each score. Once ever achieve a 17+ scoring advantage then Check Mate! Game Over. The odds will favor a Saints team to use the game clock to their advantage. New Orleans will dominate the time around the 2 minute warning. Thus preventing any realistically last minute scoring from Atlanta. Time after time New Orleans seem to get overzealous by scoring to soon. No NFL establishment should ever play to score to fast (under the 2 minute warning). Thus giving an opponent a chance for an upsetting win, unless winning by 9 surplus points.

The sole reason why Atlanta lacks winning success this season is, because of losing Thomas Decoud. Losing his defensive presence hurts Atlanta to an extreme measure. In Decoud's successful stint with Atlanta, week after week he impressed. His talents were sole game winners with big defensive performances. His ranking is up top with the Darrelle Revis's, and the Aqib Talib's, etc. With the lost of just 1 individual in Decoud, Atlanta's defense is the worst (32nd) in the league. New Orleans will destroy Atlanta. 

For any defense now, to achieve total dominance, the defense should solely concentrate on sacking the quarterback each and every play. All quarterbacks have an I-Rating (individual rating). Ratings of (#1 throwing distance and accuracy, #2 speed, #3 strength, and #4 stamina). Out of the four best attributes 3 can be eliminated, only one main focus speed!

BELOW: A few starting QB ranked by speed when scrambling in game play. And compared to other great QB's that were mobile. A QB that will run for big yards if given. Styles like Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Kurt Warner, and a few more quarterbacks. Below are a few QB's that will tend to run on a defense at will at times. All quarterbacks ranked from most watched to least watched.

1 Russell Wilson
2 Colin Kaepernick
3 Cam Newton
4 Mark Sanchez
5 Geno Smith and so on....... to 32. So every QB has their own label.

Other QB's that will less likely take off and run. These QB's rely on passing as their positive advantage. 

1 Peyton Manning
2 Tom Brady
3 Philip Rivers
4 Joe Flacco
6 Matt Ryan
Even Drew Brees, etc.

The Saints are viewing Matt Ryan in a less likely to run status, but are on high alert if signs show he will take off! Due to the complexity of a prolific meaningful game for the Atlanta they are bound to attempt anything. Coach Smith is an extremely brilliant play caller. With Atlanta's scenario in the division they're playing catch up, they are the desperate bunch and will play a (go-for- broke) style game. They will surprisingly fake field goals, fake punt's, go for it on 4 down, and kick early onside kicks.

Why wait and hold these plays until time has expired when the season is at a lost. Atlanta will run several WR Screen attempts depending on the success of the first one. If New Orleans stop the first one by jumping the route automatically and taking it to the house for the big INT pick 6, then Atlanta will abandon that plan.  From a defensive Corner or Safety frame of mind. They'll watch a double or triple spread offense by man covering each player. New Orleans will align in a formation forcing Atlanta receivers to run the path the Saint's way of what is given. Three defender's man covering three receivers. But only one receiver will be thrown the ball to, so any defender out of /3 sole responsibility is to take off forward to jump the route. If the play works in favor of Atlanta then New Orleans other two defender's will most likely make the tackle, but it may also favor a positive result of a Pick 6! Then bingo! Job well done, off of perfect play execution. 

We all remember the Big INT by Tracy Porter to wrap up Superbowl 44. Porter jump it, that route was a corner quick post route. Even audio picked up from the Saints sideline that night overheard Coach Sean Payton tell Porter "to watch Reggie Wayne". Porter watched him precisely on the big play to solidified New Orleans first Superbowl by taking it house! New Orleans will watch that play.

The leagues best offense (Saints) vs the leagues worst defense (Falcons), lights out! New Orleans should score well around 35-42 points and permitting Atlanta to little or nothing. The Saints are seeking shutouts, I'd be surprised if Atlanta gets 13 points. Brees and offense will score on 7 of 10 possessions. New Orleans will lead Atlanta 92% of the game with a comfortable lead during majority of the game, until the final second.

Saints win now then off to finishing Buccaneers.

Next is playoffs. 
I wrote a topic dated in April/2014 about New Orleans Saints." Ok Saints, time to turn up the heat on the entire LEAGUE and the NFL'S current best (Seahawks). If the Seahawks make the playoffs next year, (an chances are they will). It could be nice for a little pay back for the Saints. Like the saying says " PAYBACK A B---H". It would be extremely rewarding for New Orleans to eliminate Seattle in the Superdome CRUSHING their hopes and chances of repeating as CHAMPIONS. Just like Seattle did in the upsetting win to end New Orleans Superbowl Championship entitlement of their 364 day hangover. "



Not so sure on the signing of Derrius Brooks and Marcus Ball both from CFL. But it's done, so congrats to both players, now JUST PRODUCE!!


Respect to Lance (The Hands) Moore, Malcolm Jenkins, Will Smith Jonathan Vilma, Jabari Grier, and Roman Harper, all TRUE SOLDIERS that will be remembered and honored as THAT player that helped bring in the Ultimate prize in Feb 2010. Respect to ex. Champ Garret Hartley as well losing him during last years season.

Respect to Darren Sproles as well and all he's done. We wish we could have won a title with him. We all knew Sproles meant business in his very first game as a Saint when he ran a 72 yard punt return back in the 2011 seasons opener vs. the Packers. (By the way, that was a GREAT game with the NFL'S then best Packers hosting the the ex. SAINT CHAMPS).

Congrats to Saints Champion Zach Strief on his journey as Saint, lets get another one, congrats to Joe Morgan on resigning for game day, he will be ready, and congrats to Parys Haralson on this successful coming year.

Congrats to Champ Bailey on joining the Saints, go all out for one more season to win it all.

Congrats to Pro-Bowler Jairuis Byrd on joining the Saints Family, we look for Byrd to become a ball-hog in the secondary.


The Saints will win next years Superbowl. They will come back we tougher than ever. With a new Saints team coming together by making the critical roster cuts on both sides of the ball. The Saints look to do wonders now with a revamping soon lineup. NOW lets bring back a VITAL piece of the puzzle and go back to our winning ROOTS and negotiate a trade for ex. Saint Champion TRACY PORTER. If it wasn't for Porter an his heroics, the Saints wouldn't have even made it to the Superbowl let along his BIG interception to seal the deal in the BIG game. It is a MUST to resign Porter to help extend the Saints' 4th ranked defense to excelling new heights. He could play any position in the secondary.
We remember when the Saints played the Raiders in preseason, that Drew Brees went at Tracy Porter over and over, why? Because if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. In 2009 I'm sure all the Saints agreed that Porter was the best (at what he did) in his big savior game and then in his huge heroics game. So for Brees it was a way of getting better, perfecting his gameplay by beating his Friendly (Tracy Porter).

How could the Saints ever turn their back on Porter? Porter with four others including Coach Payton should be enshrined outside the Superdome as the teams best.

So with bringing back Porter it will immediately help the Saints' primary downfall on defense, where they lacked heavily on defensive turnover points. For next years ultimate success of winning the Superbowl, the Saints need to add to their defense, a turnover scoring ratio to their repertoire. Similar in their Superbowl year, they had a high defensive scoring ratio. With Tracy Porter back in the Saints saddle, they can have a stronger defensive threat along with recent additions, veteran free-agent Champ Bailey and pro-bowler Jairuis Byrd from the Bills. Also with last years addition of Keenan Lewis an his great gameplay at corner, and last years standout Kenny Vaccaro an his outstanding effort in game play. With Jenkins, Harper, and Greer out now Porter could play in space as the Free-Safety ball interceptor with his new cast, a cast that he can lead his crew back to the top. All defensive secondary players would respect Porter as the MAN. The Saints could fluctuate Porter's position around. He would play exactly how NFL great Free-Safeties (Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed played). I wasn't so sure about Roman Harper last year, because his gameplay was suffering the prior year. (I wrote a topic about "Harper being run down by Sam Bradford a few years back" before last season started). And also injured prone Jonathan Vilma's position was at stake, since Curtis Lofton took over running the shots in the middle. And for Will Smith, it was the aspect of coming off of a season ending knee injury? Both players were aging with the possibilities of being replaced by younger and quicker players. Malcolm Jenkins was released because of unfortunate luck, his position suffered because he was utilized on more man-to-man coverage schemes. Also for Jabari Greer, he happened to be a tad bit undersized on guarding bigger receivers on man-to-man. For Lance Moore, his injury last year affected his time being a Saint, due too Kenny Stills playing so well in Moore's absence. The Saints have parted ways with Superbowl heroes in the past, and it's always hard but that's the business.

Curtis Lofton and Cameron Jordan had exceptional year replacing Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith. A year that helped the Saints earn a dominate 4th ranked defensive in just a year of change, after being last in the entire league, which is EXCELLENT! These two players have earned and took over the starting spot in last seasons play. Also the Saints might have decided to part ways with both players (Vilma and Smith) because of their direct involvement in the bounty-play scandal two years back? Vilma first, then Smith had the worst suspensions ever imposed by the NFL in it's entire existence. For the Saints, it was a way of starting over with a clean slate to move on.

After witnessing what a dominate defense earned the Seahawks this year, most teams may look to run a younger defensive squad because of quicker athleticism and stamina.
Several teams may start looking at defense with higher priority than offense. With the conclusion of this year, it shows exactly that defense wins a championship. But the Saints are looking beyond just an average and excellent. The organization is seeking Superb and Superiority over all 31 teams. If the NFL consisted of 100 teams, then the Saints would seek to become the BEST OF THE BEST being #1 of all. If the Saints can achieve the very best in both offensive and defensive categories, then statistically they can truly be the very best again. It is very rare when a team holds the the TOP SPOT in both categories, but it has been done 8 times prior including the last team (Chargers) to do it in the 2010 season, they held the top spot in both offense and defense, but wasn't fortunate enough to make the playoffs with a 9-7 record. So having the top rankings on both offense and defense, may help increase odds of winning to a possible Superbowl title.

Ok Saints, time to turn up the heat on the entire LEAGUE and the NFL'S current best (Seahawks). If the Seahawks make the playoffs next year, (an chances are they will). It could be nice for a little pay back for the Saints. Like the saying says " PAYBACK A B---H". It would be extremely rewarding for the Saints to eliminate the Seahawks in the Superdome CRUSHING their hopes and chances of repeating as CHAMPIONS. Just like the Seahawks did in the upsetting win to end the Saints Superbowl Championship entitlement of their 364 day hangover.

The Saints before the season ended let Garrett Hartley go. Not so sure on that move regarding what his replacement Shane Graham did when it mattered. But maybe it was time to make some offensive roster changes as well, by releasing Lance (The Hands) Moore and Darren Sproles it gives the next man up a chance. For the running game, it's on Khiry Robinson to step up with PT and MI. The receiving core could use another WR with size, more like a TE. It's clear that Kenny Stills had a chance to show off his talents. So will the Saints look at Stills as their new franchise WR. Kenny Stills is compared to Lance Moore. Stills moves into the 3rd spot while Nick Toon and Joe Morgan battle for the 4th spot on the depth chart. It's clear and evident that Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston hold the #1-2 spots. Graham is still young with a lot of years to come. Colston is a veteran and the Saints are truly loyal to him, Colston could be a Saint for his entire career. Entering in his 9th year he still has what it takes to be a great WR. His body physique for the position is ideal for the wide-receiver position. When Colston entered in the league he broke records. The Saints are heavily looking at LSU draft prospects Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry to fill two wide-out positions needed. The Saints receiving core just needs some offensive game plan adjustments, but that's on Coach Payton and Drew Brees. The change came by releasing Darren Sproles and promoting Khiry Robinson. Sproles is a great player with speed, but he lacked break-away power, because he's undersized playing against bigger players. Most undersized players under 5 foot 9 periodically do well in some games, but most of the time their gameplay is inconsistent. Inconsistent sometimes because of the play design, not by their playing ability. A player can only do so well by great play calling. Sproles replaced Reggie Bush when he signed with the Saints three years back. But Sproles gameplay didn't compare to what Bush brought to the table. Bush's size was a little bigger which help him in the day when with the Saints. The Saints execute a gameplay by committee style. So all players get the ball when needed for the ultimate prize, not just for personal stats. That's why we never run our RB'S over 20 times a game. It would be nice to see our resigned co-captain Pierre (The Tank) Thomas run for 169 yards on his jersey number (23) times a game. We all would be mesmerized on Sportscenter at the conclusion of Sunday night football with Thomas' efforts. He is the best NFL RB if you ask me. If ever given the an opportunity to carry the ball 23-29 times a game, Pierre Thomas will not come short of ranking in the top 5 best running backs in the league. Last year the Saints utilized Thomas on the receiving end 77 times, which (was the most for all RB'S last year). Coach Payton and all offensive decision makers need to switch the playbook around when involving Thomas from pass to run. Thomas' size and running style is similar to Emmitt Smith. Smith was never the fastest, but he was the toughest runner alive. His running legacy has earned Smith the highest awarding as the NFL's best RB ever. So comparing Pierre Thomas to Emmitt Smith must be an absolute honor for Thomas. Thomas runs with a determined mind, that he cannot be stopped. He can yank himself free from attempting tacklers an continue with his mission of scoring or getting the most yards possible. The Saints lack of success with Thomas was due do excessive same play reliance. Thomas is such a great runner coming off a screen pass, that the Saints at times heavily rely on him to pick up the big yards on a 3rd and 9 quite to often. Problem was, the opposition teams that had success in beating the Saints or containing Thomas simply KEYED in on Thomas every time. If Thomas was in three plays after Darren Sproles was in, then chances were that Pierre Thomas would get ball action two out of three times. Teams will execute a man-to-man cover with LB run commitment. I've watch the Saints run the same play in a game up to three times, which is a lot. Some plays you can run at teams to demoralize them once in a comfortable lead to finish the game.
Any other situation is an absolute NOT. An NFL team should not run the same play if not needed in a game. The playbook should have so so many plays that a new play could be ran the entire 19 game season. The Dallas Cowboys were once a team that ran several Draw and Delay plays over and over. Their offense was easy to detect and contain. So far the Saints, bring a combination of new plays for all opposition teams.

Hopefully Drew Brees will reclaim the ALL-TIME Most Yards in a season and Pierre Thomas can make the best of his ability. In order for PT to have the best running game next year, the Saints must have superb blocking not just excellent blocking. Blocking with the intent to push and move anyone in their path. Now with BIG MAN (6'4") Erik Lorig clearing all paths with a plow push of 5 offensive (earth movers) leading the push, look for the Saints to incorporate a powerful run game. Also with power runner Mark Ingram crashing in the middle, breaking down defenses with fresh legs, running his style of football. Running like in his collegiate days at Alabama with an UP THE MIDDLE (Hard-nosed Bama style) crashing through any hole that is (given or not given) running lane for the power yards of a 3rd-2, 3rd-1, and 4th-1 situations. Ingram's roll will be like ex. Saint Soldier (Mike Bell) when with the Saints in the BIG year. It's the (chuck away) yards
that helps a team in critical situations. A simple surprisingly first down run play on 4th-1 could be demoralizing on a defense at any point in the game. If it's ran early in the game, then it dictates and facilitates that game. If it comes in the middle of the game then it could be a surprise depending on a dominating score. Teams tend to want to put teams away by demoralizing them with no or (little) chance of coming back late in the 4th with 4:12 left to go down 17 points on your own domain side of the field. Khiry Robinson will be the clean up RB.


The Saints Most Hated List

I tell you, on the Saints most hated list are four team's, and none are division rival's. The first team to lay the HAMMER to is, the 49ers. It will be a little get back at them for that surprising lost in the playoffs two years back. Alex Smith played an exceptional game that day. Prior to that lost, I always questioned Smith's ability? But in that playoff game, he surely proved me wrong. Smith, with Coach Andy Reid are solely responsible for their success. Excellent job for now. Now for the first preseason game, the Saints did beat the Chiefs. The Saints reserves got the job done. Still a win is a win. They got Smith back in the preseason opener. If the Chiefs play well enough, then maybe the Saints will see them down the road when it matters.

Now for the 49ers (the team themselves), it will be that old fashion whipping, to let them know WHO'S THE BOSS. Like I wrote in a previous article, about teams this offseason having figured out Colin Kaepernick. Some teams have figured Kaepernick  out. The Saints are 1 of 6 that hold the 49ers card. The only way to demonstrate superiority over the Seahawks big beat down of the 49ers is to completely humiliate them by a CRUSHING shutout. Like they did to Tampa Bay last year, 41- nothing. Unsure that could happen, but as long as they win, a win is win, a win by 7 points, or 17, or even 28 points. The beat down will commence.

Second is the team that initiated the whipping to the 49ers. The Seahawks. They are RED FLAGGED as the second team on Saints get back list. The Seahawks are second on the list later in the season. The KEY to the Seahawks success is Russel Wilson, plain and simple. (I can't openly say what it is) But every QB can be figured out at times. 

Third on the Saints list is the Green Bay Packers. The main reason is the big lost they gave the ex. Saints Champs in the their opener as SuperBowl Champions. Great game it was one of the best I've seen in hundreds. TRUE NFL CHAMPS win at home in the season's opener. This year opener in Mile High was wrong, the Ravens should have played at home. That was mistake on the NFL, no consistency within. Give respect to league winners and let them start the season in front of their home crowd.

Then finally the current champs, the Ravens. Why? Because in the Saints' Superbowl year,  they beat all the high ranked better teams during that season. Teams like the Giants, Patriots, and of course the Colts, and other teams that season that had not blossomed yet. But following into the next season, they beat the Steelers, but they could never say we beat the Ravens, to own the league over everybody.


The Definition of Grip

I remember our Saint Soldier Chris Reis, and that hold-on-grip he made on recovering the onside kick in our big Superbowl win. When the kick went down, Chris must have said " If Hank Baskett doesn't expect it, I will crash into that mix and get that ball". Which he did, after Baskett muffed the kick, he crashed in and got a hold of the ball and the battle began. It must have been an all out war under the pile up once the rest of the Saints and Colts joined in. For Reis, it must have appeared to be a 45 minute ordeal. It was like he was battling a lion, make it 2 lions. He would have torn a bicep from grasping the ball, by fighting several Colts players trying to strip the ball free from him. When he came up from the pile up with the ball, he had a distraught look of war on his face, a war that he did indeed win. His hair was shocked like lightning hit him, his gasping for breath was like he was under water for an hour. Reis appeared to stagger a little as if a train hit him, but in the end he held on. Respect to Chris Reis, a true Saint Soldier.

 This is the true meaning of Grip!


The Saints offense will be that explosive powerhouse that will run the league again. Captain of the team, Drew Brees will play at his highest level. A smart pre game plan with in game adjustments will give Brees a low percentage of interceptions this year. A smarter Brees will play a style of better decisions on top of already good decisions. Watch Brees take a sack more, then throwing the ball when the defense breaches through the offensive lines of containment. Why? It simply doesn't give the ball over to the opposition on their terms. The Saints will punt the ball (if necessary) on their own terms. Pro Bowler Thomas Morstead will do a superior job with his long distance, directional punts. Then (BIG BRO - The Defense) will take over, and run the shots after that. Drew Brees' best friend is other points, points that are scored in other ways. It's nice when Pierre (The Tank) Thomas can hit the hole hard for a big 65 yard touchdown right up the middle. But even on that play Brees still involved in the play by handing the ball off. So for (BIG BRO - The Defense), it would be that extra bonus of an interception pick 6 to compile points. If the defense can put up points Wow! watch out rest of the leaguers.

In the 9 games the Saints lost, most of the games they kept a close game. If they were down by 14 points or fewer, they always had a chance to score again, making it a game again only down by a few points. Winning reach was never too far. Football is sometimes so unpredictable, anything could happen at any given time.

There's been a lot debate in the NFL, regarding who would you rather have making that Superbowl winning touchdown pass. I tell you who! Mr. Drew Brees. The highest completion thrower in history. He tops all current NFL quarterback's like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, and even prior great QB's like Dan Fouts, Johnny Unitas, and Joe Montana. Brees is the most accurate. I want the ball in the hands that have the highest percentage of putting that ball right in my numbers on a late (comeback cross route) from 22 yards out with 0:01 left to win the Superbowl. A precision thrower, just like archery, bullseye, X marks the spot. Brees' passes are spot on. This link has the proof

So say Brees and company are dictating a game with an 8 point lead, if (BIG BRO - The Defense) can add extra points in stretching the lead, it would be that extra booster making it a more comfortable easier game, and break the morale of the opposition, and an easier win in the end. In last season, division rivals the Falcons ran off 8 straight games, until they met their streak breaker, the Saints. But the Saints ran off 13 straight games in 09-10, solidifying themselves as the best, then went on to win the ultimate game, and proven to be the best.

With the Saints new revamped offensive game plan, with the big 3 running backs Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, and Mark Ingram. We should see a more complete (pass - run) ratio. (This will only be determined at the end of the season for all yardage totals). Some games will pass more to mix the game plan up, by keeping the defenses guessing all day on which player will be getting the ball. I do think and know the Saints know their only flaw, and plan on correcting it. By fixing the problem of constant RB switches. It's not the easiest to detect, but it's sure not the hardest either. To see Mark Ingram inserted on 3rd down after Thomas had it on first, then Sproles on 2nd. It's almost a give away. Defense plays the situational style. The style of guessing on the best play to contain a team on a 3rd and 4 to go on the rival teams 35 yard line. The defense will be waiting to bring an all out jam the hole on Ingram. The Saints must fix this. Each game will all be different, so an exact game plan need's to be foreseen. Certain defenses require a mix up of ball distribution, some could simply be a run the ball down your throat each time, with all RBS having a great day. Maybe Thomas would go for 72 yards on 10 carries. Sproles would get 64 yards on 8-9 carries, with Ingram running off 58 yards on 7-8 carries. The Saints run game could easily surpass 200 yards on the ground, with a speedster like Sproles, and the power run game from Thomas, grinding out extra yards not allowing anything to stop him. And with Ingram running downhill (hard-nose-bama-style) behind lead clear out blocker Jed Collins. I think the Saints will do a lot of damage by utilizing Collins more with the clear out. Similar like back in the day with (Ace Deuce and plenty of use McAllister), when he ran behind clear out train Terrell Smith. Those were the days of (smash-mouth) running for the Saints. But lately the NFL has become a passing league, some exceptions like the Ravens with Ray Rice. But from time to time a power run game will work to win. This is the main purpose, winning football games, all the way to the last game the BIG BOWL. In any game that the Saints are in a leading position, then they could simply run the ball more, 1st to keep the clock running, then 2nd add additional points to extend the lead in solidifying an easier win with a high morale state of mind, then on to the next game and game plan.

The Saints players are an unselfish bunch, whatever for the ring. ( Do you think Terrell Owens and Randy Moss in their inner mind care about their individuals stats now or that most gratifying achieved ring that they never were able to capture, they would trade it all in). In some games, maybe Coach Sean Payton will let his left hand man Pierre Thomas run his own shots. Give Thomas his jersey # of carries 23, and be memorized on Sportscenter on his highlights. Thomas could easily go for 167 yards on 23 attempts, WOW! This could send a huge statement to all other 31 teams, that the Saints are the best offensive team again, and are in the top 5 in the run game.

We remember last year losing 3 games straight, first to the 49ers a game we should have won, but that's behind us. Then losing to the Falcons which the Falcons deserved, that win was their get back at the Saints for stopping their 8 game winning streak, and they also they stopped Brees' consecutive touchdown streak. Ok the Saints split game with the Falcons. Ok, next losing an embarrassing game to the Giants. Then the Saints came back with the highest amount pride to redeem themselves by crushing the Buccaneers in a shut out 41-0. That sort of statement is a showing of dominance. The Saints will look at every game that way. The Saints will have Brees throwing touchdowns to WRS, RBS will be scoring, both sides of the special teams department (BIG BRO) will be contributing their part, putting up points here and there. Field goal kickers will be putting up points, and the defense will be adding points. The Saints (Fab-Five) units will all contribute to become serious Superbowl contenders this year. Because of overall team involvement of compounding points. Some games could get out of hand, a few games could be complete shutouts. If the Saints win 2 games in a shutout, then another statement will be made to the entire NFL.

So far the rest of the NFL 31 teams, be afraid! be very afraid!! The Saints will march right through all teams. The Saints have the most depth in offensive than any team in the league. The running game is deep with Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram. Then the receiving core is spot on with Lance (hands) Moore, Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham, Courtney Roby, and Joe Morgan, and several players in Brees' mix up of the game plan. Similar is our title run in 09-10, the Saints are again the (powerhouse) in the NFL league.


The Resurgent New Saints

The Saints will have instant success with newly acquired Rob Ryan. Ryan's deployment of the 3-4 will fit right in. By hiring Ryan it was the 2nd to the last piece of the puzzle to big time Saints winning. Like winning several games in a row style, similar in our title run year of 13 straight, Wow 13 we did that. We could easily open the season by winning a few straight games sending a huge statement.

This is why his 3-4 will work, compared to a 4-3 you have 4 tacklers trying to react to make a tackle with 5 offensive linemen impeding them from making an all out 100% tackle on the RB in the middle. So for 4 tacklers with their hands full of 5 linemen the other 3 LBS will have a chance to move up to make an uninterrupted all arms free tackle. So for a 3-4 the percentage is higher in preventing short yardage gains, it's the simple specs of the game. Since in a 4-3 design, the front 4 are outnumber anyway, so why not just run 3 tacklers at them giving the 4 LBS time to come up and make that uninterrupted tackle opposed to just 3 LBS committing to jamming the middle for no or short yards. I rather go with a quicker LB core of 4 in the 3-4, than 4 slower tacklers in the 4-3. If a RB gets through the middle at least you have 4 out of 7 players reacting on the 2nd level, (ex. not to many times Mario Williams will catch Ray Rice at the 2nd level, but at least Brian Urlacker would have a shot at Rice before he hits the 3rd level, then it's on the corners and safeties.)

The design between the 4-3 / 3-4 works on certain teams. ( When the Saints schedule comes out I will narrow it down to which defensive play will be suitable for that team.) So for teams that cater to the run like the Vikings, Ravens, and Bears, then a 4-3 is your play 70% of the time, the game plan in advance would be watch the run when Adrian Peterson is in. But a 3-4 is designed to stop passing QB’S that less mobile like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Schaub. When a defense rushes just 3 it gives the other 4 a chance to react to a run or short pass that's thrown just over the reach of a defensive linemen. The 2nd level of 4 would cover an 8 yard diameter side by side, that's 32 yards sideline to sideline of coverage and about 6-7 yards behind the ball spot. Since defenders have to honor the 5 yard rule of no touching, then on a pass play they'll be in their ready zone of HANDS ON when a receiver attempts to make a play.

The problem with our former Defensive coordinator Steve
Spagnuolo last year was he didn’t know when to call the right play at the exact time. True it is defense, and you're guessing on what play the opposition is contemplating, so maybe we should call it guesfense, because with some offenses your playing the guessing game the whole time. Lets say Spagnuolo ran 45 defensive plays in a full game, 25 were the 3-4, out of 25 plays maybe 12 or 13 were utilized correctly, the other negative plays teams made the Saints pay. The other 20 plays were the 4-3, I’d say 13 out of 20 were successful, Spagnuolo’s problem was he ran his philosophy game plan each and every week with no adjustments for each team. At his rate of total successful plays he ranked 50/50, which is good in guessing the right defensive play, but at this professional level of the NFL 50% won’t cut it, you have to have at least a 58% to 63% successful defensive stoppage a game. Lets face it, if the perfect defensive play was called and a player or players missed the tackle giving up a 59 yard touchdown up the middle, then that’s not on the D-coordinator. So for Ryan’s aggressiveness, it just might be the problem solver, say he calls 30 3-4 plays in a total of 45 vs. a team like the Giants. Say in 20 plays 30 will work, that’s 66 good percent of play calling, and the other plays ran at the 4-3 maybe half will work, at that rate the defense has managed to hit its achievable set percentage mark of 58% to 63%.

Now that the Saints have that baboon bounty curse off their back (we hope) it’s time to get over last year of trying to win it all and do whats never been done by winning the big one at home. Lets rebuild our first and third level of defense, which the organization is currently seeking I see. Just two positions are vital for change to become successful again. That’s at the Tackle position, and a Free Safety spot, with these accounted for it's the last piece of the puzzle. Some adjustments need to be made on who plays what position. With the lost of Sedrick Ellis currently, we need attention at getting a pass rusher in order to get back to winning title success. Two guys I wouldn't mind seeing as a Saint, the first would be Julius Peppers, he's quick and strong and has a lot left with 11 years under his belt, plus the Bears losing Brian Urlacker, and with Charles Tillman aging and the loss of Lovie Smith, the club will be in disarray. So maybe Peppers may want out to get with a serious contender. All those years of playing the Saints maybe it's time to join them. If he could win a ring with the Saints, then maybe he would retire like Michael Strahan, and recent Super bowl winner Ray Lewis. The other guy would be 9 year veteran Jared Allen, this guy is a monster that would do very well with several other players complementing him each play. With his pass rushing ability and his height to deflect passes it would be a big bonus for the Saints. A crucial ball deflection on a 3rd and 7 is big. Why not Allen, he would play with the team that took his Super bowl dream away, what's the saying, "If you can't beat them then join em." Both Peppers and Allen don't have that deserving ring, so their play style will be a go-for-broke attitude and whatever for the ring. They're two prime players still available now, 11 year vet and 1 time champ Mr. Dwight Freeney, and 13 year pro John Abraham. Both guys know their good, so they're waiting for teams to contact them, several big name teams have taken an interest with these two players, I see Umenyiora signed with the Falcons, he would have been a good pick up as well. Saints lets make our move in seeking one of these players. These pro players pride have a lot to do with not showing interest in the teams, the Saints have the top offensive firepower, and it will be proven again. So they'll be a heavy contender if anyone decides to show interest. If the Saints contacted them, then they'll be just delighted and honored that the Saints want them, and they'll probably sign. Freeney could join the team that stole his 2nd ring right off his finger. The other player that's given Drew some tough times is John Abraham. This 13 year pro has a lot left, he'll be ready for the start of the season, after his ankle injury last year. I say the Falcons solely lost to the 49ers because he was not playing, what a difference a player makes, if interested he could meet up with his former teammate Curtis Lofton again.

I rank Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Dwight Freeney, Osi Umenyiora, and John Abraham in the same best player category.

The Saints never really got any pressure on any QB pretty much of all 16 games last year. But I must say and give credit for, is the defensive play in the red zone. The defense was the best of the best with a shorter field behind them. Week in and week out I would watch the Saints bring that (11 man slam the hole) steel curtain defense that stops anybody on any down, especially 4th down. Teams beat us with simple small trickery plays, that's why we ranked last in defense because of improper play deployment.

So for now lets give thanks to all players that contributed in winning our big bowl 4 years back. But for some their time is up. Because for some players that make it to the top of the mountain, their hard quest to get back is not always there. Their performance lacks, and it shows during game play. The highest respect for Roman Harper but maybe his time is up. I think the Saints know that, that's why Tracy Porter's name has surfaced, man I hope we could get our boy back. And also Nnamdi Asomugha is in on the matter, it looks like the decision is on him to become a Saint or a 49er. I remember 2 years back when the 0-6 Rams hosted the Saints. And during one play in the game the Rams had the ball deep in Saints territory, and after the ball was hiked the play resulted in being a bust, and the referee had blown the play dead. Roman Harper assumed the play was still live and picked up what he thought was a fumble around the Saints goal line and started running down field, Sam Bradford took chase after him all the way down the field until Harper (himself) ran out of bounds. If he didn't Bradford would have caught him. After the play they showed Harper gasping for breath, just gasping away, then he got some oxygen for help. I mean c'mon man a QB chasing down a safety, that shouldn't happen, it just shouldn't. ( Check the clip out. The time has maybe come for him, sorry bruh, but we’ve seen several good players depart in years and it's always tough seeing them leave. But the Saints have to remember, bigger and brighter winning Superbowls are ahead, so they'll do whatever needs to be done. We all get older and slower, at any age in football it could happen, some players quit after a few years, do too sports downsides of injuries, conditioning, traveling, relocating families and other reasons they have. We don' t keep up with the guys who quit early, guys that don't make the team or on the practice squad. People quit after 3-4 years or some make it to 14-17 years, I'd say the average life span in the NFL is around 10-12 years now because of injuries, also knowledge of complications in long term play, or just the plain simple truth is some players are never really with a team that has a serious chance to ever win the ultimate.

The Saints need to shift the secondary around, if we get Porter or Asomugha then they need to be our FS, and shift Malcolm Jenkins to SS with Jabari Greer, Patrick Robinson, and newly acquired Keenan Lewis all at there original CB post. We need to have another Darren Sharper out there playing the freelance role intercepting balls and taking them in for 6 points. A safety that plays like Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. Figure it's an 11 on 11 game, once the QB gets rid of the ball the play involving them is finished, so for defense you now have that extra man to play all over and wherever they need to be. How many times have we seen Polamalu read a QB and jump a route? Also, times when he would disappear on the blind side of a QB, just behind his tackle and then run up and make a behind the line of scrimmage tackle, or a big sack, or even a big turnover. We need this freelance roaming safety to play like this.

The best defensive play known to man is the Tampa-2, but for now it's the Saints-2. This play was solely designed to stop a running QB like Mick Vick. John Gruden imploded this play to keep Vick contained and force him to pass. The Saints-1 is the big play that keeps all runners in front of the last defender to eliminate big yards and touchdowns, I would rather have a guy running up to make the tackle then chasing the receiver, also when a defender runs up and cannot make the tackle then maybe they can impede the RB just enough for the rest to the troops to run down the RB and tackle him. For a defense to play there best game plan, they need to show the same play 70% of the time to disguise the offenses from picking up to what they are doing. It will be a sign of no intimidation style, this is what we're doing over and over, and we're going to get to the QB each and every time. Once the offense hikes the ball then the defense can audible out into a full zone and maybe be in the right place at the right time since the ball is coming out anyway, a simple pull the tackle out will work from time to time just like it did for James Harrison when he took Kurt Warner's pass to the house. Harrison is another good player for a front line; also more players out there that still have a good push left is DeAngelo Hall, Ronde Barber, Charles Woodson. Darrelle Revis will probably stay put, the Jets management is playing with him, he should stay, more so on his terms, the Jets management will give in.

So for the Saints, lets get a Freeney or Abraham on the line and have Porter or Asomugha playing in the take away zone. Who Dat 4 life SuperSaintDave


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