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Mark Ingram is now out for the season with a left rotator cuff injury, joining 2nd stringer Khiry Robinson on the injured reserved list. Now both 1-2 RB's are finished for the season. So what's next for New Orleans with four remaining games for the season at RB position. (((Bring Pierre Thomas back)))

Now at the final quarter of the season the Saints, "are not" listed in the category of (eliminated from playoffs) just yet. With New Orleans bracketing last in the division at (4-8), they still have a chance if they dig deep down in their "soul's" and play lights out football. By winning-out, the Saints will be at the mercy of all teams essentially awaiting help from them. Finishing with an 8-8 record it's feasible to make a final wild-card spot. They have a chance, New Orleans has approximately 28-41 possibilities towards the "tide blowing their way."

Why the Saints lacked a powerful defense:

Kevin William hasn't lived up to New Orleans' expectations. The Saints hoped William's was the answer assisting in the middle which was desperately needed. In William's 13th season, the idea for William's was to play a (go-for-broke) style of football, since he just missed a chance of being a Champion, only to be denied by Malcolm Butler with Seattle last year. After the season, the Saints will probably release him seeking a more youthful replacement.

Kenny Vaccaro's effort is one thing, but not backing up his gameplay is another. After the Rob Ryan's firing, players spoke out and through Vaccaro's own admission he said, "We let coach Ryan down." Perhaps Vaccaro feels a bit ill advise and feels personally responsible due to his lack of positive production. Vaccaro lacks tackling ability and IQ awareness. After the season, New Orleans may trade him for market value.

Jaruis Bryd didn't live up to his expectations by far, riddled by injuries Bryd hasn't played 100% "at anytime" in his Saints stint. Bryd lacks speed and tackling skills. Non tackling by players is the 2nd most negative a defense should not possess. Bryd will also be traded for value after the conclusion of the season.

Keenan Lewis to some, gets a stamp of approval as the Saints' best secondary player. But he is undersized on making solo tackles, which where New Orleans lacks. Lewis is always hurt (on season-ending reserve) currently. Lewis will conclude on the list of defensive players traded during the down-season.

Playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a second time around, maybe the Saints will play more freely since they don't have as much pressure  on their shoulders. 




The formula for New Orleans to beat Carolina, is "TEAM PRIDE" that will win the game for the Saints. If they play the game football accordingly, they can find themselves in an "upsetting seat" again, similar when they ended the Falcons 5-game winning streak at the start of the season

The unknown facts why the Saints are not living up to teams standards of their organization

What's wrong? Could it be any of these

1) Is it the lack of team preparation this off-season.

1) Player personnel not playing to current standards of NFL play. "Non-tackling is the primary issue -- not wrapping up, not run jamming (catapulting at the ball-handler), the lack of team effort reinforcement help when a play is still live.

2) Dennis Allen may not be the right man for job. Look at his rap sheet, Allen's head coaching recorded was 8-24 in his venture at stardom as head coach. The finger pointing starts with the players first over the coach. If the team wins, then everyone glorifies the successor-coach, then everyone is content with satisfaction.

3) Players size is inefficient, compared to the league's giants now. They're a few Saint players that are undersized by weight and muscle tone. Perhaps the starting depth chart looks more interesting.



In this latter portion of the season, some teams outlook for any playoff hope is beyond bleak. Now for New Orleans, they still have hopes for a wildcard spot entering week 12, but will be tested by another team - Texans that's fighting for division rights in their own jurisdiction. Facing the facts for New Orleans, realistically Carolina is unreachable at this point for the Saints, but they will still look to continue down a playoff path, they'll just have to blemish the Panthers perfect record in the process. With the Atlanta Falcons losing 3 consecutive games, it gives New Orleans a chasing advantage. Just down two games, and owning a head-to-head win over the Falcons in week 5, the Saints can make an incredible move. Now for Tampa Bay, they may win a few more games, but shouldn't be a concern down the stretch with inconsistent tendencies -- at least New Orleans will hope so since Tampa beat them head-to-head.

A new start for the New Orleans Saints is underway. A crucial change within the Saints' organization with the firing of DC-Rob Ryan. Now it's on Dennis Allen to carry the torch of defensive redemption. Allen has coaching experience in all fields during his coaching stint, including a Superbowl title with New Orleans as a secondary coach. After going to Denver for a short time, he became Oakland's head coach in 2012 -- extended to 2014, then Oakland fired him after an 0-4 start in 2014. Allen's head coaching record was 8-24 in his venture at stardom as head coach. His winning average was a low (.211) percent, "not the best." So stepping down a notch to a one dimensional aspect of defense, is a more suitable discipline skill for Allen, for New Orleans sake.

Some people are saying it's time for Drew Brees to go. Are these people insane." It's Brees' team by his earned right. Saints owner - Tom Benson has a loyal relationship with the player that brought home, that ever-so-long "Superbowl trophy." As far as Benson is concerned, Brees can dictate his own fate, but winning of course would solidify his stay permanently. Brees did say, "he can play till he's 45," probably so but fictitiously speaking for now. 

Regardless of division standings now and comparisons to other quarterbacks, "this is Drew Brees." The same QB that holds the "Highest Completion Percentage 66.2" record, over "all quarterbacks" that ever passed a football in the league's existence. That's saying, Brees is the best in solidifying a pin-point pass on the X-Spot. Watch Brees' "Sport Science" video he did years back, it's astonishing how precise he delivers the ball. Just in week 8, when New Orleans hosted New York, there was a touchdown pass Brees threw to Brandin Cooks. That pass was analyzed with precision and accuracy of landing a football in a basketball hoop from 18 yards out, "WOW." 

Drew Brees still has it, his #1 offense has it, "now it's time for the defense to have it."



"The New Orleans Saints should resign Pierre Thomas Now." I wrote an article (7/2015 - #504) about, if any Saints' RB's were to go down with and injury, maybe New Orleans may pick up the phone and call PT23. Just so happens Khiry Robinson is out for the season, and (free agent) Thomas is now available after a short stint with San Francisco in week 9. Thomas did register a $4265 per-yard allowance totaling $51,176 in 3 1/2 hours of football, not bad at all. 

Thomas is still in "tip top" shape, so just maybe the Saints are "speed dialing" Thomas as we speak.



Simply said, how does New Orleans' defense allow the (28th) ranked Titans to literally shred the secondary apart so effortlessly. "It's evident for the Saints, their "only" down flaw is their defense." There's no more covering up, denying, or justifying the problem, all defensive levels are to blame; "defensive coordinator," "play calling," "players" and "bad tackling" need immediate addressing. This is not an issue that's just occurring, this has been an ongoing dilemma since last year. How long will they hope for change, they need to stop hoping now, and "make corrections." The problem lies with the secondary, by lacking aggressiveness (non-tackling) and Ryan's cautious play calling. 

You can see the frustration on Drew Brees' face, and why blame him. Brees retains his "nice guy" posture, because he understands it takes "53 to tangle." Clearly the burden doesn't solely rest on his shoulders, every quarterback has interceptions periodically, that's the story of the game. Brees' possession scoring-ratio are consistently prime, which results as the #1 offense. So if an unexpected turnover occurs, New Orleans has the more dominant offense to compensate for any mishaps. The offensive-line ranks 5th in the league, which is excellent protecting their QB. Brees' upside has helped the Saints acquire the best offense in the league (2nd in passing) -- the downside is, New Orleans has a 31th ranked defense. Absolute terrible weight-scale here, "defensive changes need to occur immensely."  

Here are 3 detrimental factors that should have not happen in week 9: 

1) Losing to a 1-6 Titans team

2) Losing to another rookie QB-Marcus Mariota 

3) Losing to a coach (3-20) Mike Mularkey who's 3-20 in career coached games

1) New Orleans let the NFL's worst team beat them at home, but that's football philosophy "any given day - any team can be beat." It's just extremely unfortunate that the Saints are the team that glorifies their opponents more frequently than any other team in the league. 

2) Losing to a rookie QB-Marcus Mariota is another prime example why New Orleans "shouldn't have lost" to a "greenhorn"- quarterback. It was Mariota's second win, a huge accomplishment for him -- a game to remember, his 2nd career win after a few consecutive losses. In week 2, the Saints first allowed "GH"-Jameis Winston to "over-march" them in their own domain, enabling Winston his "first ever" win -- even more gratifying then Mariota's 2nd career win. (Remember RG3, guess what team he broke his maiden from?) Can you attempt to visualize Tom Brady losing to two rookie quarterbacks in "New England?" "It's hard to imagine the Patriots under Bill Belichick losing to two rookie quarterbacks." The preparation would be to stop the QB by all means. 

It has to be difficult for a Hall-of-Fame QB-Drew Brees to lose two games by rookie quarterbacks, but you move on.

Why does it appear opposition offenses have historic games against the Saints; QBs win important games, RBs/WRs achieve career total yards and have big time highlights against the Saints. (I remember back in the day, when New Orleans hosted Denver on Nov. 21, 2004. After the Saint's opening three-and-out punt, Denver received excellent field position from the kickoff, and then Denver's only - Reuben Droughns, took the very first snap to the house for a 51 yard touchdown.) "I said to myself, "come on man."

3) Coach Mike Mularkey had a recent coaching record 3-20 (now 4 wins) compared to coach Sean Payton's record of 90-56. Basically Payton was out-coached in his own house by 5 times.

In reality, all three flaws are considered an insult to a "higher stature organization" of the "New Orleans Saints."



New Orleans hosting Tennessee Titans Matchup

Can the streaking Saints continue their
superb performance or can a disastrous Titans team render a win on the road in the "Big Easy?" A win for Tennessee will facilitate a clean-fresh start with interim coach - Mike Mularkey while playing spoiler against New Orleans, that the Saints are fighting for a more comfortable seeding within the NFC conference. In the NFC South division, it's a close-tight race with Carolina dominating with a perfect 7-0 record.

In decades of football, we've seen winless teams "stifle" an undefeated team "out of no where." In an reiterated mindset New Orleans should never underestimate this 1-6 Titans team. A team under new leadership perhaps could have a great game. 



A stellar performance by New Orleans on Thursday-Night-Football. With an enormous amount of hope, the Saints persevered once again by beating a top tier Falcons team. With a resilient team effort New Orleans took care of business on "their terms."

The New Orleans Saints biggest test comes now facing an Indianapolis Colts team that seeks redemption after an upsetting home lost to New England 34-27. Now seeking a second consecutive win after defeating Atlanta, the Saints once again must play with a sense if urgency. 

New Orleans vs Indianapolis Matchup:

The Saints' offense seems to be in stride playing against the Falcons, not sure if an average Colts defense can cover all of Drew Brees' weapons. A mix up of receivers and running-backs will equally share the ball. Brees should have a 400+ yard performance, plus a solid run game mixed in with all RBs. Wow, New Orleans may have a season high in total yardage with close to 600 yards.

Andrew Luck's Colts will be contained by an aggressive Saints' defensive unit that will aim to add point themselves -- thus easing the comfort level of the game. 

Good game Saints. 


The New Orleans Saints must win now to salvage their season, opposed to slipping 1-5 and allowing their "arch - enemy" Falcon's to advance to 6-0. Then it'll become detrimental to the Saints' season and the organization. If they win, they gain a game closer to Atlanta, plus a head-to-head advantage within the division with lots of football remaining. All leading toward a season ending game @ Atlanta. It could all boil down to the very last game within the division.

That's why it's imperative to win effectively on nationwide televised TNF.
There's an enormous amount pressure on this game. This would be a huge statement sent to the entire NFL that the Saints can win and beat anyone.

Atlanta's success stems from a system that former Coach Mike Smith implemented. Smith once visualized the play and Matt Ryan executed it precisely. After Coach Dan Quinn replaced Smith, Ryan's continued success comes from within their prior year's winning system. For the most part, Quinn is just a motivational speaker for the team. It's Ryan's team and he's making the necessary calls for their offense. It doesn't matter what a coach calls, it's up to the QB to call an audible if required, based on the defensive scheme he's presented with. 

Matt Ryan is a great QB, and he'll probably win a ring later in his career. He's an NFL savvy QB that plays the game accordingly. The Falcons mix their offensive weapons regularly, keeping defenses speculating where the ball may go. They use their substitution rotation along with the situational aspect of the game effectively. Atlanta is a quality team to be respected by all accounts.

Atlanta's offensive linemen does an exceptional job protecting Ryan, he's only been sacked 9 times in 5 games. "The most sacks on a QB currently is Russell Wilson with 22." So Ryan compared with the other five undefeated QBs, sacked statistics show Peyton Manning sacked 12 times, Tom Brady 11 "4 games played," Aaron Rodgers 8, Cam Newton 7 "4 games played," and Andy Dalton with the least amount sacks of just 6. A lower sack rate increases a quarterback's time to make his throws.

Atlanta's offensive front does more than just blocking, they clear the path for Devonta Freeman. They give an enormous push upfront -- enabling Freeman to gain easy yards resulting in 1st downs and setting up scoring opportunities. Freeman is averaging 126 yards on the ground this year.

The reasons why Atlanta struggled in their prior two years "2013 and 2014" were. Steven Jackson didn't have much left in his tank, because his better years were left in St. Louis. Plus, plagued by small injuries, Jackson couldn't kick into high gear, while the Falcons slipped further and further away from any postseason chances. But last year when given the chance, Devonta Freeman step up to the plate and has been doing his job steadily as Atlanta's premier back now.

The way to stop Atlanta's run game is to bring pressure each and every play, Rob Ryan should send 7-8 players at time. With Stephone Anthony and Cameron Jordan crashing the middle - edge, it will create a push for sensation - Hau'oli Kikaha directly up the middle. It's a win - win for New Orleans, sending more players creates havoc for Matt Ryan and adds depth stopping the run. The weak side corner-blitz from Kenny Vaccaro or Jairus Bryd will do wonders against Matt Ryan. It will flush Ryan out the pocket and force the play to develop prematurely, thus resulting into a bad pass or a possible interception by Saints' top corner - Keenen Lewis.

In the past decade we've watched tough defensive teams - Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Seahawks and in Tampa Bay's better days with "Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, and Ronde Barber" play a crushing, dominant game. Some teams would not allow their oppositions to even get 100 yards a game, week after week for consecutive weeks. That's exceptional defense! The sole reason for those teams success came from teams utilizing man-to-man coverage on "every play." Every eligible player is accounted for. Why play zone coverage enabling any eligible receiver a free path of a no-touch zone of 5 yards. Great teams only run zone-coverages on a "3rd and 10" or greater distances. The best defensive plays "Cover 1 man-to-man and Cover 2 man-to-man, famously known as the Tampa 2" are "simply the best."

With a banged-up Julio Jones leading the show, the Falcons will give 3rd string WR - Roddie White more looks since Jones might be limited while his hamstring is hindered. Second string WR - Leonard Hankerson has earned White's spot due to White's negative comments, pertaining to not getting involved more in the passing game. The Falcons also do excellent with their fullbacks in the past. Look for FB-Dimarco Patrick to get a few inside, quick runs for easy short yardage gains, with a few delay-screens to attempt to catch the Saints napping. But if Rob Ryan plays it appropriately with his  aggressive play calling, a simple screen-pass could be telegraphed and a big interception could occur.

For the Saints offense to become that powerhouse again they need to "quit with the excessive screen-passes" and play football. They may run the ball hard, then utilize the play action-pass to force Atlanta's defense to respect Drew Brees' capabilities. New Orleans should spread their WRs as wide as possible and force Atlanta to match outward, giving a more sustainable middle area.

"Perhaps in 2012 the Falcons will never forget the team - Saints that abruptly halted their undefeated 8-0 winning streak in week 10 in the Superdome 31-27."

Drew Brees should look for short passes to Josh Hill or Benjamin Watson on quick-post routes, just within the no-touch zone of 5 yards. Their both big players, that can quick-catch, turn, and get a few extra yards equaling 5-10 yards on the pickup.

Also the inside-slant routes should work for easy separation to Brandin Cooks or Willie Snead.

New Orleans should have more 2 RB packages for deception plays and 2 TE packages for protection plays for Drew Brees on long developing plays. They should run the ball more with CJ Spiller along with starter - Mark Ingram to the sidelines on toss-out runs away from Jonathan Babineaux. With Justin Durant out for Atlanta, New Orleans should have more success with the hard run and middle passes.

The Saints should win convincingly.


Excellent work by the New Orleans Saints beating the Dallas Cowboys "at home in the dome" on primetime Sunday-Night-Football. The start of redemption has just initiated. With a resilient team effort, the Saints stuck to their philosophy throughout the game. Both offense/defense did their complementary task equaling to a spectacular win.

Before game time New Orleans knew what they where up against, a 2-1 Dallas' team, that gained respect through week 4. A battered Dallas squad that was missing 2/3 of the most important player positions in football Q-Tony Romo and WR-Dez Bryant. Because of those injuries, New Orleans had a slight advantage over Dallas, especially with team leader - Drew Brees back at the helm. Possibly the Saints remembered last year's onslaught given by Dallas 38-17 in Arlington, a Cowboy's payback from the prior year's more "dominant-crushing" orchestrated by New Orleans 48-17. The Saints did not fail to recollect the excelled defense played by Dallas last year, and the unique play selections that Jason Garret designed for Tony Romo to execute out. 

With Saints' big-name starters - Drew Brees, Jairus Byrd, and Keenan Lewis active, it presented a higher success rate by having their best-of-best on the field. Competing almost 100% with a healthy Drew Brees, spectacular things occurred. Brees' own admission, "he feels good." New Orleans can do wonders with their "Captain" back.

The Saints stuck it out against a Cowboys' team that dominated majority of the game by leading. New Orleans played with a poised state-of-mind, relaxed and awaiting the game to progress as it did. After obtaining a 7 point margin, owning a TD cushion for New Orleans was an irregular occurrence, knowing the prior three games were played with lower morale state playing catch-up. It was a sign that winning success is possible. Now leading by 7 points Dallas could only tied the game, instead of taking the lead or possibly stretching the lead severing any chances of a Saint's comeback victory. With a 1st victory chance to finish Dallas off before regulation with a FG, New Orleans was stifled by an

After regulation in overtime, New Orleans sent a "deepening message" to the Leagues rest that the Saints are "back and mean business," by quickly solidifying the win on the very first play of overtime with an 80 yard "swing-pass" by speed sensation - CJ Spiller to the house.

Now it's time for New Orleans to take this next "Eagles step" to continue their "back on track tour," with the 4-0 Falcons in their sights on a short week.

New Orleans @ Philadelphia Key Notes:

With New Orleans just getting over that winless hump after losing their first three games, they have the edge of "morale" going into Philadelphia. On the other hand, the Eagles are in the brisk of the most crucial game of their season, game 5 at home. 

The pressure is on Chip Kelly to deliver with his exotic play selections, and for Sam Bradford to carry out Kelly's vision. 
Bradford seems a bit a careful on the football field, his cautious play style may need to kick into higher gear, with a hyped up Saint's defense! The blitz packages "will-be-a-coming." Especially the weak side corner blitz." Look for Kelly to go with several WR screens with hopes of big yards or scoring. 

Philly's defense will need to play great to cover future Hall of Famer - Drew Brees especially since he's "feeling great" riding a home win.

Both offensive/defense will do their job for New Orleans, nothing more to say and enough! Back on track, watch out Falcons.



"In recent talked about news," can the New Orleans Saints win another title?

Speaking directly to their Captain - Drew Brees, "yes they can win another title." Brees seemed fervent and spoke with confidence about New Orleans chances of winning another ring. Statistically viewing their team's history and positive rankings, they have a strong chance to make a mammoth impact. Perhaps they should be heavily guarded as a top 5 favorite entering the season, on and off paper.

With a Hall of Famer - Brees still at the helm, along with a Saints' revamped offense that looks to continue to be a powerhouse again "possibly more dominate than last year." New Orleans could have a record breaking season on the offensive side of things. Regardless of the Saint's unsatisfied 2014 season, they still ranked "#1 in offense." "Teams must respect this statistic." Brees is still a "top 6" QB easily between, Peyton and Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Ben Roethlisberger. Some critics will have opinions, which the order could fluctuate "up or down."

Drew Brees can resurrect his career with a Superbowl win "this year." In Brees' era of battling Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, Brees finds himself as a runner-up to a runner-up. With Brady owning all rights with 4 "questionable" rings on 6 "questionable" Superbowl appearances, with some "questionable" records, Brady has the era won. Next, is Manning winning 1/3 of his Superbowl attempts, giving Manning a rank over Brees due to more SB appearances -- some records held. The intriguing aspect is that Brees owns Manning head-to-head winning Superbowl 44. So if Brees were to capture another title "2 for 2" then he would automatically rank atop Manning and then have Brady in his sights. It could be a matter since Brees is the youngest of the three class-men, entering his 15th season vs Brady's 16th season and Manning's 18th season. Brees has the youth factor on his side.

When listing teams in "power rankings" to get to the Superbowl, just maybe the entire league should keep a close eye on the Saints and most should even "fear them." Fear them like their legendary 2009-2010 Superbowl campaign. Because easily to could happen again "this year."


New Orleans offensive ground attack consists of a winning combination featuring starting RBs; Mark Ingram, CJ Spiller, then Khiry Robinson, Tim Hightower and 7th round pick Marcus Murphy. But if any unfortunate injury were to occur to any RB, thus impacting the team's chemistry of every piece of the puzzle accounted for. Then maybe New Orleans will not forget PT 23. Possibly they'll give Pierre Thomas the call. Look at Frank Gore with Indianapolis, he's probably going to start at RB entering his 11th year. Gore came close to a Superbowl ring, but Thomas won a Superbowl, and now would be entering his 9th year. "Where's the logic for New Orleans?" For all other 31 teams, no luck. Thomas' loyalty lies as a Saint, and he'll probably never take the field again as "otherwise."

Compared to the Saints' championship roster, Mark Ingram is the new Mike Bell - The Hole Hitter. CJ Spiller and Khiry Robinson will share roles of Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush - The Space Agers -- when they get into space they're gone.

For Ingram, if he can play his role exactly when with Alabama, by crashing the middle "Bama style" then New Orleans will have a dynamic, forceful run game. With Ingram's last year's statistics validating he's the man, Brees can entrust that his new, right-hand man - Ingram can and will get the job done.

With newcomer CJ Spiller and the exciting run style he brings, look and expect wonders with the game plan Coach Sean Payton executes.

The receiving core consisting of Saints "all-time great" veteran - Marques Colston, speedster Nick Toon, and last year's rookie standout Brandin Cooks. Colston looks to be a Saint "4 life" and is trusted by his counterpart - Drew Brees like twin brothers. Toon looks to be the new Lance Moore based on how he played last year. With a solid fundamental style by Toon "having great hands" Brees should look for Toon on short-slant routes and WR-screen passes. Cooks looks to bounce back after a season ending wrist injury. Before sidelined, Cooks led all rookies in receiving and was having an outstanding year. He also has the breakaway speed to gain "big yards." For New Orleans, their sole purpose is winning, seeking ultimate success is the only big picture. So for Drew Brees, he'll have several players complementing his passing yardage each game, and throughout the season. Offensive records could fall.

With the TE position filled with Josh Hill replacing departed Jimmy Graham, that position should be accounted for 100% with "no sleep lost." Jimmy Graham was an excellent player as a Saint and will be for some time in his career. But his stint has ended with New Orleans and all that came with it. Graham played the game more on the "offensive side" of things, then playing as a great blocker on plays that didn't involve him "the Randy Moss way, instead of the Saints' committee way." When playing football, it's not just the physical side of the game -- get the ball, run, and score. It's being an intellectual, savvy player that possesses NFL skills to make quick IQ decisions. Just maybe a higher acumen by Graham in the 2012 divisional game vs. San Francisco could have extended the Saints' season. With an intelligent thought on Graham's behalf, to take a knee at the 1 inch line -- then kill the clock on running plays with hopes to score.  And "by not" giving the ball back for a resulting game eliminating touchdown from Alex Smith to Vernon Davis. Many would have taken the chance on four consecutive downs if necessary with the running game. "What the Seahawks should of done, instead of the "most foolhardy play" ever called in NFL history."

Josh Hill plays his "discipline skill" to the max, by New Orleans committee style. So he'll be ready and awaiting the ball on any pass selections and also prepared for any other vital roles when his number is called. In Hill's new starting role, teams won't have an educated guess if he's getting the ball unlike when Jimmy Graham got "Red Flagged" when he entered into the game. The same philosophy went for Pierre Thomas. With Thomas' repertoire in his "great" days, teams "Red Flagged" him as well, that's why his numbers fell, because defense's had and "all-out" run stop on Thomas. But TE-Hill will play as an incognito player, until teams figure him out and what the Saints are doing, by that time New Orleans may have switched up their looks, to continue their guessing scheme for teams.

The entire roster of Skill Disciplined players will compliment Brees beyond his expectations. A quarterbacks best friend is "points scored by whomever." If it's his RBs running home big 77 yard TDs -- or his defense creating havoc induced turnovers and bonus scoring -- Special Teams adding back-breaking, bonus points. It's the bonus points that "finish games" that QBs love.

(coming soon Part #2 SAINTS' DEFENSE:

If the New Orleans' defense can measure up to their 2009-2010 Superbowl season without malevolent actions. They could provide staggering numbers - points to help elevate the team into winning on their terms. Every team's practice-squad defense plays aggressive at times for competitiveness. It's all for the betterment of the team. But when game time arrives, defenses strive on scoring more points than what the offense can provide...........)



Release or trade 3rd string RB-Khiry Robinson or RB-Edwin Baker, and RB-Tim Hightower in exchange for ex. Co-Captain PT 23 Thomas is a must to re obtain for a shot at leasing the Lombardo Trophy again. Drew Brees will continue to be the Saints' leader with Pierre Thomas as his Dynamic Duel. New Orleans retained a Superbowl hero in Robert Meachem two consecutive years. They should do it again with Thomas, "because of the importance he served then and the importance he could serve again." If Drew Brees were to ever purchase a $100,000 Rolex for any player as a gift, it would be for his "right-hand man, Pierre Thomas." "Then maybe Tracy Porter too."


What does Drew Brees offense gain and lose in their offensive transitions? Just about 50/50. 

The Negatives:

#1 The big hit was losing Pierre Thomas -- a must to resign him while he's still available. Thomas is "Saint 4 life" and "his loyalty" is shown by not showing any interest in playing for any other team but his team. What the public does not know is, teams have reached out, but Thomas is declining any and every offer. He plays for 1 team, he may even retire before he wears a rival - enemy helmet.

#2 They lose a great hands receiver in Jimmy Graham. His play style in football is at an excelled level, he's playing 100% every game. Graham adds an intimidating posture about himself to mentally and physically weaken a rival's morale with dominating strength. 

#3 Not much will be affected by trading Kenny Stills, the next man up in Joe Morgan to fill the void.

The Positives: 

They still have an excelled receiving core in "all-time great" Marques Colston, Nick Toon, and 2014 top draft pick - Brandon Cook, with Joe Morgan filling in the 4th spot on the depth chart. Also starting TE Benjamin Watson and Josh Hill will cover in Jimmy Graham's absence. With an extreme rising number of professional athletes performing at excelled levels in football and other sports. There's a time when all players become expendable and will be replaced. So when a team loses a great player to whatever reason in NFL bargaining. "Then, the next man up." In the game of football there's players awaiting a chance to play for a serious Superbowl contender -- some never get close -- some get a few playoff wins in their career stint but never the big one. Everyone must be ready to play.

New Orleans run attack looks magisterial. With Mark Ingram tagged as the Saints' #1 RB, he is their "uphill power-back now." New Orleans will execute C.J. Spiller on "toss-out" and "bubble-screen" passes. Bring PT 23 for that backup RB, and several deception plays.

Getting Max Unger in the deal was a good move in the direction of attack the Saints are seeking having a powerful run game. With Unger a mid sized 6'5" 305 pound Center, he fits the role perfectly, his speed and size is ideal for his fitting position. His role in New Orleans will be the exact same as with Seattle. Two specific plays will be ordered "Max Run-Block" for clear out purposes, and "Max Protect" playing as a personal bodyguard on pass plays for Drew Brees. 

With Max Unger playing direct center on a Saints I-Formation power run, and having Mark Ingram as the deep-back awaiting the ball, with Erik Lorig set to "bulldoze" anything in his path -- great things can happen. So having Unger plowing the first level, then bringing in Lorig to "clean house" on the second blow, that finally gives Ingram a path of 6-8 yards a play. Can you imagine the ground dominance New Orleans can produce, thus taking some pressure off of Drew Brees' shoulders. In that case, first down will be more feasible than expected. With teams honoring Brees' passing capabilities, easy yards will be earned. Think about if Deuce McAllister ran behind Terrelle Smith with Max Unger at the first level.

"It's like having two fullbacks"

The Center position could be argued by some to be the most important position out of all 11. The "Center" handles the football first creating a level of credence, that puts a team at full mercy on entrusting that the job is completed each play to avoid any wrongful errors. Every player has a discipline, for Max Unger it is football security, then plow or protect after Drew Brees gets the ball.

The Saints' Best:

The Saints' offensive statistics were incredible, better than the rest of the league. They were ranked #1 overall. It's evident the offense is explosive and will persevere as the NFL best again with a few fine tune adjustments. New Orleans is in their last rebuilding mode playing around Drew Brees. Accompanying Brees from jump street in 06, just Marques Colston, Jahri Evans, and Thomas Morestead remain.

 The only focus is addressing the defensive side "immensely." The Saints need players on defense that want to hit and tackle and "be a specialist at it." New Orleans lack of defense resulted in the 2nd worst record in the league. The primary cause was "NON TACKLING." Why does it appear that opposition RBs seem to have "career record breaking" days playing the Saints. Too many times we see RBs running for big yards, that is absolutely unacceptable. That's why it's imperative to stiffen the defense now.

When draft day comes, we shall see what direction New Orleans' Offensive/Defensive ratio goes. Signs are indicating the Saints will cater more on the defensive aspect, focusing on young athletic players to play backup for the 1st level of infiltrators. To provide a consistent level of pressure each and every time to sack or disrupt the quarterback for positive results.

New Orleans will be a serious contender next year! By dominating on offense and defense. 

Please Commissioner Roger Goodell lets have NEW ENGLAND HOST NEW ORLEANS IN THIS SEASON'S OPENER!


"The Definition of Effort"

I remember Saint-Soldier - Chris Reis, and that ever so "famous effort" he made on recovering the onside kick in the big Superbowl win. When the kick went down, Chris must have said , "If Hank Baskett doesn't expect it, I will crash into that mix and get that ball." Which he did indeed, after Baskett muffed the kick, he crashed in and got a hold of the ball and the battle began. It must have been an "all out war" under the pileup once the rest of the Saints and Colts joined in. For Reis, it must have appeared to be a 45 minute ordeal. It was like he was battling a lion -- "make it 2 lions." He would have torn a bicep from grasping the ball so excessively, by fighting several Colts trying to strip the ball free from him. When he came up from the pileup with the ball, he had a distraught look of war on his face, "a war that he did indeed win." His hair was "shocked" like lightning hit him, his gasping for breath was like he was under water for an hour. Reis appeared to stagger a little as if a "freight train hit him," but in the end he "held on." "Respect to Chris Reis, a true Saint Soldier."

 "This is the true meaning of Effort"

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